Photographer / Director


Founder of Noistudio & NOISÉ Magazine

Master of Art, Steinhardt, New York University


After graduated from New York University with a master’s degree, Siyu began his career as a full time photographer and established NOISTUDIO. In the following years, he quickly became a fashion photographer and short film director who has worked with plenty of popular media platforms, magazines, celebrities and artists.

Siyu believes in the power of genuineness and simplicity that makes the most compelling art works, and keeps pursuing excellence in his photography and films.  Combining artistic views with commercial visual productions, Siyu with his team has formed a unique aesthetics.

Through developing NOISÉ into a global media and cultural brand, he engages in sharing the unique perspectives, stories and beauty from the field of art, fashion and culture to a broader audience.


Email: noistudionyc@gmail.com

Instagram: @_siyutang_

Weibo: @摄影师汤思宇